Radiate Sisterhood has really been my heart from the beginning…a gathering of down to earth, everyday women who desire to make a difference and make the world a better place. A sisterhood of all ages who come together to seek God, embrace & encourage each other and who place value on all of humanity.


Our mandate to love, inspire and help one another is the essence of living as Jesus-followers, and by partnering and unleashing the collective strengths and giftings of women, we can positively influence the world and make a difference.


Together we are better… We are Sisterhood!


This Sisterhood is for women of all ages and backgrounds, for the young and not so young. It’s for the outgoing and vibrant, and for the unassuming and quiet soul. The sisterhood reaches across generations and represents strength, beauty, femininity, graciousness, mercy and compassion. It’s a place where women can feel safe and loved and learn to use their giftings to reach a world in need.


We invite you to gather at this place where authentic and real women are rolling up their sleeves and working together for such a time as this–to take what is in our hands and use it for good in our families, homes and communities.


And please, stay encouraged and connect with us through Facebook and Twitter!


We love you and are believing for your life, your family and your world to be full of hope and endless possibilities…


With Love,

~Linda Seidler

Pastor, The Experience Church